is a regular meeting, which provides a platform for showing and exchanging work and networking for the Berlin animation and motion design scene — Besides the opportunity for artists to present themselves and their work, central to FAUX IMAGES is the idea of community and mutual inspiration — At each meeting, local and international filmmakers, designers and artists from related disciplines are invited to present their work through lectures and screening — FAUX IMAGES is organised by Mate Steinforth in cooperation with the Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance (LEAP) and WeAreChopChop — FAUX IMAGES will take place quarterly in LEAP at Leipziger Strasse in Berlin — Admission is free and stays free
  • SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2014

    Stay tuned for the upcoming issue on 9/9. Until then, see what you've missed so far:


    Colors And The Kids, David Kamp, Zeitguised, Jorinna Scherle, Polynoid, Pfadfinderei, Robert Seidel, Fons Schiedon, Ben & Julia, Alex Gellner, Hecq, Giraffentoast, David Lewandowski, Thorsten Fleisch, Cypheraudio, Darrin Wiener, Menno Fokma, Heerko Groefsema, Kevin Megens, Floris Vos, Wouter Kroese, Rainer Kohlberger, Onformative, Peder Norrby (Trapcode), Helen Choi (PSYOP), Conrad Ostwald (BUCK), Lucas Zanotto, Sarah Eim (The Mill), Robert Loebel, Christen Bach, Uwe Flade, Jens & Anna, Geoffrey Lillemon, Karakter, Minivegas, Chris Smallfield (Method Studios), Emilia Forstreuter
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